Emeritus Assembly of
Connecticut Information
WHAT are we?:  Officially, we are the Emeritus Assembly of the Connecticut State
Conference of the American Association of University Professors, Inc.  Unofficially, we
are a group of retired college/university faculty, librarians and other academic
professionals which usually meets four times each academic year to learn and to enjoy
each others company.
WHEN do we meet?:  We meet 2 times in the fall, October &; November, and 2 times
in the spring, April & May.  The fall meetings tend to be "issue oriented" and have
comprised such topics as retirement and/or health care issues, recent changes in the
law that affect out members, public opinion of higher education, future directions &
trends in higher education, public polling techniques, etc. The spring meetings tend to
be "cultural events", such as visits to various museums, displays of items of historical
interest, attendance at musical performances, etc.  Visits to gardens, talks on travel
experiences, presentations on ecological issues and disaster relief have been
WHERE do we meet?:  The meeting sites vary with the theme of the meeting.  They
have included such venues as the Legislative Office Building (Hartford), various
campuses, Museums, restaurants, etc.  The schedule and themes of the meetings is
set by the Executive Committee in the spring or summer before the program year
begins.  Assembly members are invited to make suggestions on themes and places to
be considered for the schedule.
WHO can be a member?:  Any retired college or university faculty member is welcome
to join.  Spouses are welcome to accompany members at meetings.
WHY was the Assembly formed? (November 3, 1986):  To promote the social and
professional interests and general welfare of emeritus professors of institutions of
higher learning in Connecticut."  It continues because it comprises people who,
though retired, are still interested in learning about events and issues that may
affect them and their active faculty colleagues, who like to attend cultural events,
and who enjoy socializing with other emeritus faculty.
Interested in joining us?  Please contact our Membership Chairperson, Tim Killeen.
Email address: Killeen3@charter.net.
Submitted by Richard P.
Wurst June, 2006
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