Mary Rogers, (EA Newsletter Editor), wrote in the spring 2007 edition:
UCONN is considering a new contract. Local newspapers say it “carries a 2.75% general wage increase for professors and a 3.25% cost of living adjustment for employees.” The Union Rag at Eastern provided news of growth over 3 decades from 2000 students to 5000, with an accompanying growth from 108 full time teaching faculty to 188. We might wonder why the faculty has not also increased by 2.5 times, but we are aware of the tremendous numbers, nationally, of adjunct faculty. (DO SEND us newsletters from other institutions to share news with your retired colleagues.) In Vancouver there was a conference which discussed equal pay for adjuncts. In Cambridge, there was a historic appointment: Harvard University now has a woman president, replacing the man who had suggested that women can’t do science. In the N.Y.Times, an editorial stated “the public universities were founded on the premise that they would provide broad access in exchange for taxpayer subsidies. That compact has been pretty much discarded in the state flagship campuses. . .” Do you agree with that assessment? What else concerns members of the Emeritus Assembly?
Morton Tenzer, Liaison-AAUP CT Conference,  called attention to the debate between Cary Nelson, current AAUP President, and David Horowitz this coming Sunday, 3/18/2007.  Hopefully, you will look up the link for your local schedule and that you do have C-SPAN2 available.
The following is from Flo Hatcher, Executive Director, AAUP CT Morton Tenzer.

Colleagues: Cary Nelson debates David Horowitz, check the link and then your local schedule. flo

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Here's the link to the schedule.  You might want to check your local listings, as well.

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Clifford L. Pelletier,, advisor to this web site,  sent this alert:  "Apparently instructor grade distributions from many colleges and universities are now being published on a web site as an aid to students selecting courses.  Some students clearly want to find instructors giving lots of A's and B's and few C's, D's or F's."  The said site may be reached at 

Presently, three schools in CT are listed, including CCSU. SCSU and UCONN.  The information is organized by state, school, department, course, and name of the professor, where you may find grade histories, shown in bar graphs, ratings and reviews where availablem and the drop out rates of the courses taught.  The site claims that the information they display is obtained directly from the schools and not from students. 

The email message from Pelletier, which gave a series of exchanges from concerned academics at CCSU regarding this state of affairs, was circulated among a number of emeriti, with his permission.  If you wish to have a copy, please contact