John J. Kolega 

John J. Kolega, beloved treasurer of the Emeritus Assembly, AAUP CSC. died on Froiday, May 18, 2007.  He was 81.  John retired from the Agriltural Engineering Department of the University of Connecticut in 1989 and had been an active member of the  Assembly,  serving as its trusted  treasurer for many years.  He will be sorely missed.
From Flo Hatcher, Exsecutive Director, Connecticut State Conference, AAUP: (5/21/2007)

I am so sorry to hear of John Kolega's passing. Over the years, on the many occasions that John and I corresponded, I noted his grace and his willingness to be of service. John was a gentle man who was generous with his talents.I will share your news with members of the Connecticut State Conference-AAUP.  Flo Hatcher
From Nicholas Welchman, President, Emeritus Assembly, AAUP. Connecticut State  Conference (5/28/2007)


You have heard or read by now of the sudden passing of our good friend John Kolega,
Treasurer of the Emeritus Assembly these ten year past.  He was a steadfast presence in
our lives, someone we knew we could rely on absolutely.  I was able to attend his
funeral Mass on the 22nd, a week ago, and listen to the very fine homily presented by the
presiding priest at St. Thomas Aquinas Church in Mansfield; it sketched a portrait of a
man devoid of affectation, scrupulous in giving service to the people, causes and institu-
tions he loved and respected.  His service was, moreover, thoughtfully responsive to the
needs of the situation, the work of a an intelligent, caring person  who always gave of his

Had we needed it, this discourse gave us an enhanced sense of our good fortune in enjoy-
ing the friendship and support of a person of utmost magnanimity and least pretension.

All his children, his entire family, came together to commemorate him and support our
friend Alice.  Our hearts go out to her.  We hope that she will remain among us, and that
we may welcome her at our next program meeting at Elizabeth Park

She has told me, and I believe that she would not be averse to my passing the word on,
that we may expect to read her work as cryptogram designer for the month of July
in the Hartford Courant.  It is fitting that she continue a family tradition by exercising her
talents for the pleasure and benefit of us all.

Nicholas Welchman
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