Emeritus Assembly, AAUP CT

As the new treasurer, taking over John Kolega's reins, I find the Assembly in reasonably good financial health, with the following balances as of mid-August--

Checking account: $1230.69
Savings account:       455.28
Petty Cash:         ____ 52.50____
Total:                    $1738.47     This does not include any anticipated expenses for the newsletter.

Dues for 2007-08 will be coming in gradually, though the following l6 members have already paid their $6 dues because of over-payments during 2006-07: They are: 
Celia Chow, Joyce Carleton, Fred Cazel, Eli Dabora, Raymond Farrish, Charles Herrick, Anna Eckersley-Johnson, Tim Killeen (!), Luane Lange, Kay Janney, Jerome Laszloffy, Paul Klemens, Paul Stewart, Mort Tenzer, James Rock, and Cecilia Welna 

Though the treasury is full at present, I would like to offer a modest suggestion that the dues be increased to $10 starting in 2008-09, to allow for continually rising postal rates and other expenses.

Compton Rees

Web note:
The membership dues form for the academic year 2007 to 2008 will be revised to reflect the change of address to that of the new treasurer and will be available in the fall issue  of the printed newsletter and at