CONNECTICUT CONFERENCE
September 19, 2006
Members of the American   Association of University Professors, Emeritus Assembly, Connecticut   Conference met at Fairfield University on Sept. 19, 2006.  The group was   welcomed to Fairfield University by George Lang, Professor of Mathematics at   Fairfield.  The Faculty Welfare Committee arranged for the meeting to be held   at Alumni House.  Professor Lang gave a brief history of the University.    Founded by the Jesuits in 1942, the school now has six colleges (Arts and   Sciences, Business, Nursing, Engineering, Graduate School of Education and   Allied Professions, and University College).  Masters level programs are   offered in Education, Nursing, Engineering, American Studies, Mathematics and   Business.
At present the University has 5200   students, of which 3200 are full time undergraduates; 225 faculty members (   only 5 Jesuit faculty members); a student-teacher ratio of 13:1; an AAUP  chapter with no union agreement.
Professor Lang is optimistic about   the future of AAUP.  At present it has a 10 million dollar capital campaign   underway.  The money will help AAUP chapters to gain contract negotiation   recognition.  Kerry Nelson , the new president of AAUP, is looked upon   favorably.  He is a good scholar and a poet with national and international   standing.
The main presentation was  Churchill to Bush: Western Imperialism and the Middle East" by Dr.  Ralph M. Coury, Professor of History at Fairfield University. Our former  chair, Walter Giger, wrote a summary of Ralph Coury's talk.  (This was condensed   from a 28 page talk.)  A copy of the summary is attached to these minutes.  ( The complete talk is available upon request.)  Some very interesting   questions that impact the picture of the world were raised.
BUSINESS MEETING:  The minutes of   the May 9th meeting were approved unanimously.
The Treasurer's   report was approved unanimously.
Two programs were proposed for the   spring of 2007 :
1) For April or May: the Hartford   Symphony orchestra matinee;  and
2)  for June:  Elizabeth Park Rose   Garden and lunch at the Pond House (in the park).  Fred Cazel will organize   this meeting.
                                              Respectfully submitted,
                                              Cecilia Welna, Secretary
 P.S.  The Secretary was unable to   attend the meeting but received  all information from:
1)  extensive and detailed work by   Walter Giger.  He wrote the Coury Summary and supplied meeting information for the minutes, and 2) Mary Rogers for what she called "my very rough and incomplete notes" that were quite helpful.
Thank you to both.
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